Friday, 2 December 2011

Olympic Stadium and Olympic Athletics Tickets

The London Olympic Stadium will be the centerpiece of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The stadium is located at Marsh gate Lane in Stratford in the Lower Lea Valley and has capacity for the Games of approximately 80,000 making it temporarily the third largest stadium in Britain behind Wembley Stadium and Twicken ham Stadium. Land preparation for the stadium began in mid 2007, with the official construction start date on 22 May 2008, although piling works for the foundation unofficially began four weeks ahead of that date. Construction ended on 29 March 2011.
The stadium design was launched on 7 November 2007. The architect, Populous, is an architectural firm specializing in the design of sports facilities and convention centers, as well as planning of major special events. As a "unique 80,000 seat stadium, it will be the centerpiece for the 2012 Games, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies and the athletics events, converting down to a 60,000 seat permanent stadium after the Games.
As of June 2009, the stadium's track and field arena has been excavated out of the soft clay found on the site, around which permanent seating for 25,000 has been assembled, using concrete "rakes". The natural slope of the land is incorporated into the design, with warm-up and changing areas being dug into a semi basement position at the lower end. A demountable lightweight steel and concrete upper tier has been built up from this “bowl” to accommodate a further 55,000 spectators, and is nearing completion.
The Olympic Stadium will host the Athletics and Paralympics Athletics events at the London 2012 Games, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Watch champions live in the London Olympics 2012. Buy OlympicAthletics Tickets and enjoy race of champions. For any kind of Olympic Tickets, you can access Global Ticket Market. Global Ticket Market offers you all sorts of Olympic Tickets at very cheap rates and with guarantee of delivery.

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